The weather is much cooler now, about 25C in the day.  We have had some quite big storms with massive thunder claps and some much appreciated rain, first for months.  There has been some flooding on the other side of the island - the storms are very localilised.  We have only been caught in one - shopping at Lidl!!

Here is another article I wrote for the English freebie : -

OMG!  Did you know that this made it into the dictionary for the first time in 2011?  It is usually spoken, or written, often on Facebook or texts, quite casually.  It can express almost any emotion pleasure, shock, amusement, pain, surprise . . . It can be triggered by big events or small.  It is usually said or texted, unthinkingly, just an automatic reaction to some piece of news.

But what if He is listening?  What if God is listening? He might well be because He loves to be intimately involved in the lives of each one of us – that is why He sent Jesus to live and to die amongst us.  Next time you catch yourself saying, or writing, OMG why not try turning it into a conversation with Him?  If it’s for something good, some lovely surprise, say thank you.  If it’s for some bad news why not ask for His help or His comfort?  This is how He loves us, His children, to live.  You see, after He died He didn’t stay dead.  He rose from the dead and is alive today.  You can talk to Him wherever you are and be assured that He is listening to you

Friday 19th September

On arrival we discovered that we had to write something for the English version of 'The Ibizan' a weekly freebie, under the heading 'View from the Pew'  Here is my offering for last week's paper. DIANA

The holiday Ibiza but Walter and Diana have gone out there to do some important work!


At the time of writing we haven’t actually seen a pew, let alone the view from it, as we arrived in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning, but we have experienced the sunshine which had been in rather short supply in England during the later part of August.  So thanks for that – though I know that some of you are longing for rain.  We have come to take over from Peter and Barbara as locum Chaplain and wife for two months.

We come from the ISLE of Sheppey in the Thames estuary (though no longer technically an island as we now have a fixed road bridge, as does the ISLE of Skye in Scotland); Walter’s sister lives on the ISLE of Man; the new Chaplain starting in November, lives on the ISLE of Wight.  So what’s so special about islands?  John Donne famously wrote in his book of devotions in 1624: “No man is an Island, entire of itself; everyman is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main”.  The first part, NO MAN IS AN ISLAND has been quoted by many people down through the ages, Earnest Hemingway and Tony Hancock to mention a couple.  And how true it is – we can none of us manage on our own.  We need the help of and support of friends and family, we need to belong.

As we have met with members of the church here we have been acutely aware that we do ‘belong’.  No matter what nationality or denomination we are all part of God’s wonderful family.  His love is all embracing, reaching out to everyone everywhere.  So why not come and join us and experience more of His love.

September 13th 2014

“Walter is on the laptop having just learned that he needs to write a letter for the magazine  - by yesterday so thought I would do quick update on my phone!

We  have had very busy week with temperature over 30c every day. Not easy to think straight,  especially with  no air conditioning.  Yesterday's wedding was fantastic. People from at least 8 nationalities,  very open,  lots of good opportunities to chat the gospel afterwards . Not looking so busy next week- hope to get to beach for a swim! Greetings to all. Thanks for your prayers”.


September 6th 2014

It feels like we have landed on another planet.  So much to take in so quickly.

Please thank  everyone for their prayers.  They are getting answered and we are adjusting quickly to the tasks of Chaplain and wife.

Today I drove the very large Fiat Doblo to San Rafael Church for a very lively prayer meeting at 8.30 am.  We had fellowship and tomatoe on toast and coffee and we felt ourselves slipping into our role.  My driving this Fiat monster got became confident today.

God bless you and keep you,

Our Christian love,

Walter and Diana

The first wedding

View from Chaplaincy house

San Raphael exterior

The Chaplaincy House

3rd October 2014 Another wedding - she is a tv presenter -  lovely feeling of the Lord's presence and blessing in the service. Messy church with a dozen very enthusiastic children. A beautiful island

Walter & Diana have gone to Ibiza to pastor a Church for two months. They have promised to keep us updated. I have asked them for photos. Hope to see some soon Diana! ( PS. I suspect the Ibeza they have gone to is not all Google search has cracked it up to be ????)

More blog to follow on their adventure….

The latest from Walter and Diana

27th September 2014

Here are some more general views - its a beautiful island -   for when you have nothing better to do!!

October 13th. The Lord keeps on giving us lovely surprises - we have had some great 'God appointments'.  One was with a lady who became a Christian in a prayer meeting 3 weeks ago.  She is very involved in yoga - it has been her whole life. When she asked Jesus into her life she knew that she would have to make big changes, and immediately started to do so, even though she had a high level course running at the time.  In spite of all, she is growing daily in her Christian walk - yesterday she said, "I am loosing interest in yoga".  All glory to God.

More pictures from Ibeza. Today is Walter's birthday.  Yesterday they gave us a lovely lunch party after the service.  Today we had the great privilege of praying with someone who needed assurance of her faith.  An Alpha Course will be starting very soon!!

See you all at Strode next month,  The weather here is still really warm - about 25c and mostly sunny - though it did rain 'mud' the other night, making everything very dirty, especially the cars.

God bless, Diana and Walter